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Teaching of the Küpper group (as Department of Plant Biophysics & Biochemistry  and formerly workgroup at Konstanz University)
(discontinued courses are indicated with the respective date)

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2nd semester
in German

Lectures of the practical course on microscopic plant anatomy (2010-2013, in Konstanz).

Lectures held by myself (lectures of the other parts on homepages of my colleagues):

- Leaves (slides in colour or b/w)

- Leaf specialisations (slides in colour or b/w),

- Meristems & Growth (slides in
colour or b/w)
2nd semester
in German
Lectures on photosynthesis as part of the lecture series introducting to anatomy and physiology of plants ("Einführung in Bau und Funktion der Pflanzen") (2012-2013, in Konstanz):

- Photosynthesis Introduction: colour or b/w

- Light and Pigments: colour or b/w

- Antennae: colour or b/w

- Reaction centres: colour or b/w

- Electron transport: colour or b/w

- Dark reactions: colour or b/w

- Summary and Retrospect: colour or b/w

advanced students
 (5th semsester  BSc,
biology & life science)

in German

Lectures as part of the "Kompaktkurs Pflanzenphysiologie"
(2004-2013, in Konstanz)

- Experiment 3
(slides in colour or bw)

- Plant nutrition I: principles and macronutrients P, S, Ca, K, Mg  (slides in colour or bw)
- Plant nutrition II: Heavy metals Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and Zn as micronutrients and as toxic elements (slides in colour or bw)

- Biophysics of Photosynthesis (slides in colour or bw)
- Heavy metals as Micronutrients
(slides in colour or bw)
- Heavy metal Toxicity
(slides in colour or bw)
- Nitrogen Fixation and Regulation of photosynthesis for nitrogen fixation
(slides in colour or bw)
advanced students
 (MSc, PhD:
biology, life science, biophysics and biochemistry)

in English

Lectures of the advanced course "Bioinorganic Chemistry and Biophysics of Plants" (2012-continued, in Konstanz and České Budějovice):

- Introduction:
- Basics of coordination chemistry in biological Systems: colour
"Bioinorganic chemistry & Biophysics of Plants": colour
- Biophysics of Photosynthesis as the fundamental process in plants: colour

- Methods for analysing photosynthesis: colour
- Further methods of UV-VIS absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy in vivo and in situ: colour
- Work with metalloproteins: expression, isolation, purification and characterisation by biochemical assays and metalloproteomics: colour
- Chromatographic methods: basics, advanced HPLC methods: colour
- X-ray emission spectroscopy (EDX, PIXE, µXRF)for analysing element distribution in biological samples and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XANES, EXAFS) for analysing biological metal complexes: colour
- Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (EPR, NMR) as structural tools: colour

- Trace element nutrition in plants: uptake and transport of transition metals: colour
- Introduction to the essential role of metals in photosynthesis: colour
- From physiology to biochemistry to spectroscopy and protein structure: copper and iron proteins: colour
- Biogeochemical cycles of elements, in particular metals: colour
- Nitrogen fixation and regulation of photosynthesis for nitrogen fixation: colour
- Micronutrients in algae: iodine and iron: colour

- Metal Toxicity: basic principles: colour
- Copper as an essential, but also highly toxic, biologically redox-active metal: colour
- Cadmium as a highly toxic but possibly also beneficial, biologically redox-inert metal: colour

- Arsenic toxicity and speciation in plants, incl. implications for human nutrition: colour

- Principles of metal detoxification in plants: colour

- Biotechnological use of metal accumulation in plants: colour

- Literature searches and scientific writing: colour

pdfs of the lectures of the last year are available on request, pdfs of the lectures of the current semester can be downloaded directly by clicking on the links.

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