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Full-length original research articles of current group members of the last two years,

older articles, also of former group members if published with affiliation to this laboratory, are available at the institutional database (that may not be complete for the newest articles):

*=corresponding author(s)

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Cao K, Jaime-Pérez N, Mijovilovich A, Morina F, Bokhari SNH, Liu Y, Küpper H*, Tao Q* (2024) Symplasmic and transmembrane zinc transport is modulated by cadmium
in the Cd/Zn hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 275 (online ahead of print)

Ozcan E, Simova I, Bina D, Litvin R, Polivka T* (2024) Ultrafast spectroscopy of the hydrophilic carotenoid crocin at various pH. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, online ahead of print

Kuvelja A, Morina F*, Mijovilovich A, Bokhari SNH, Konik P, Koloniuk I, Küpper H* (2024) Zinc priming enhances Capsicum annuum immunity against infection by Botrytis cinerea– From the whole plant to the molecular level. Plant Science 343, 112060.

Andresen A, Morina F, Bokhari SNH, Koník P, Küpper H* (2024) Disturbed electron transport beyond PSI changes metabolome and transcriptome in Zn-deficient soybean. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Bioenergetics 1865, 149018

Navarro-Gómez C, León-Mediavilla J, Hendrik Küpper H, Rodríguez-Simón M, Paganelli-López A, Wen J, Burén S, Mysore KS, Bokhari SNH, Imperial J, Escudero V, González-Guerrero M* (2024) Nodule-specific Cu+-chaperone NCC1 is required for symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Medicago truncatula root nodules. New Phytologist 241, 793-810

Colussi A, Bokhari SNH, Mijovilovich A, Koník P, Küpper H* (2024) Acclimation to medium-level non-lethal iron limitation: adjustment of electron flow around the PSII and metalloprotein expression in Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Bioenergetics 1865, 149015,

Kokavcová A, Bokhari SNH, Mijovilovich A, Morina F, Lukačová Z, Kohanová J, Lux A*, Küpper H* (2023) Copper and zinc accumulation, distribution, and tolerance in Pistia stratiotes (L.); revealing the role of root caps. Aquatic Toxicology 264, 106731,

Morina F, Mijovilovich A, Mishra A, Brückner D, Vujić B, Bokhari SNH, Špak J, Falkenberg G, Küpper H* (2023) Cadmium and Zn hyperaccumulation provide efficient constitutive defense against Turnip yellow mosaic virus infection in Noccaea caerulescens. Plant Science 336, 111864,

Mijovilovich A, Cloetens P, Lanzirotti A, Newville M, Wellenreuther G, Kumari P, Katsaros C, Carrano C, Küpper H, Küpper FC* (2023) Synchrotron X-rays reveal the modes of Fe binding and trace metal storage in the brown algae Laminaria digitata and Ectocarpus siliculosus. Metallomics 15 (10), mfad058,

Milic Komic S, Živanovic B, Jelena Dumanovic J, Kolarž P, Sedlarevic Zoric A, Morina F, Vidovic M, Veljovic Jovanovic S* (2023) Differential Antioxidant Response to Supplemental UV-B
Irradiation and Sunlight in Three Basil Varieties. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24, 15350.

Gardiner AT, Mujakic I, Bina D, Gardian Z, Kopejtka K, Nupur, Qian P, Koblizek M (2023). Characterisation of the photosynthetic complexes from the marinegammaproteobacterium Congregibacter litoralis KT71. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Bioenergetics, 1864.

Tortarolo M, Mijovilovich A, Macedo WAA, Zysler RD, Ramos CP* (2023) Magnetic behavior of oxide passivated (Fe0.85Nd0.15)0.6B0.4 amorphous nanoparticles. MRS Communications,

Agostini A, Bína D, Carbonera D, Litvín R* (2023) Conservation of triplet-triplet energy transfer photoprotective pathways in fucoxanthin chlorophyll-binding proteins across algal lineages Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics 1864 (2): 148935.

Náhlik V, Čížková M, Singh A, Mezricky D, Rucki M, Andresen E, Vitova M* (2023) Growth of the Red Alga Galdieria sulphuraria in Red Mud-Containing Medium and Accumulation of Rare Earth Elements. Waste and Biomass Valorization.

Pilatova J, Tashyreva D, JTyc J, Vancová M, Bokhari SNH, Skoupy R, Klementova M, Küpper H, Mojzes P, Lukeš J* (2023) Massive accumulation of strontium and barium in diplonemid protists. mbio.

Shivaramu S, Tomasch J, Kopejtka K, Nupur, Saini MK, Bokhari SNH, Küpper H, Koblížek M* (2023) The Influence of Calcium on the Growth, Morphology and
Gene Regulation in Gemmatimonas phototrophica. Microorganisms, 11, 27.

Andresen E, Flores-Sanchez IJ, Brückner D, Bokhari SNH, Falkenberg G, Küpper H* (2023) Sublethal and lethal Cd toxicity in soybean roots specifically affects the metabolome, Cd binding to proteins and cellular distribution of Cd. Journal of Hazardous Materials 442, 130062.

Ashraf N, Rodrigues ES, de Almeida E, Montanha GS, Abreu-Junior CH, Vítová M, Garcia RHL, Küpper H*, de Carvalho HWP* (2022) Identification of potential plant species hyperaccumulating light rare earth elements (LREE) in a mining area in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29, 90779–90790.

Vidović M, Battisti I, Pantelić A, Morina F, Arrigoni G, Masi A, Veljović Jovanović S* (2022) Desiccation tolerance in Ramonda serbica Panc.: An integrative transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolite and photosynthetic study. Plants 11, 1199

Qian P, Gardiner AT, Šímová I, Naydenova K, Croll TI, Jackson PJ, Nupur , Kloz M, Čubáková P, Kuzma M, Zeng Y, Castro-Hartmann P, van Knippenberg B, Goldie KN, Kaftan D, Hrouzek P, Hájek J, Agirre J, Siebert CA, Bína D, Sader K, Stahlberg H, Sobotka R, Russo CJ, Polívka T, Hunter CN, Koblížek M (2022) 2.4-Å structure of the double-ring Gemmatimonas phototrophica photosystem. Science Advances, 8.

Dominguez-Martin MA, Sauer P, Kirst H, Sutter M, Bina D, Greber BJ, Nogales E, Polivka T, Kerfeld CA* (2022) Structures of a phycobilisome in light-harvesting and photoprotectedstates. Nature, 609, 835.

Knoppova J, Sobotka R, Yu J, Beckova J, Pilny M, Trinugroho JP, Csefalvay L, Bina D, Nixon PJ, Josef Komenda* (2022). Assembly of D1/D2 complexes of photosystem II: Binding of pigments and anetwork of auxiliary proteins. Plant Physiology, 189, 790-804.

Kopejtka K, Tomasch J, Kaftan D, Gardiner AT, Bina D, Gardian Z, Bellas A, Droge C, Geffers R, Sommaruga R, Koblizek M* (2022). A bacterium from a mountain lake harvests light using bothproton-pumping xanthorhodopsins and bacteriochlorophyll based photosystems. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA, 119.

Older articles, also of former group members if published with affiliation to this laboratory, are available at the institutional database (that may not be complete for the newest articles):

Reviews and Books; *=corresponding author,

most are available also at the institutional database (that may not be complete for the newest articles and books):

(12) Morina F*, Küpper H* (2022) Trace metals at the frontline of pathogen defence responses in non-hyperaccumulating plants. Journal of Experimental Botany 73, 6516-24.

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(1) Küpper, H* (2001) Physiology of hyperaccumulator and non-accumulator plants: heavy metal uptake, transport, compartmentation, stress and resistance. (Doctoral thesis). UFO Atelier für Gestaltung und Verlag, Allensbach (ISBN 3-935511-07-8)

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